This ceremony was beyond anything I could have expected. I know everyone had told me how good it was and how beautiful the recitation and speech was, but I had no idea to what extent until about 10 mins ago (after watching the video back). I couldn't have asked for something more perfect than this! This was the most important part for me and Arshad and you exceeded expectations and 'smashed it' as he would say. Please thank brother Sultan for me, what a beautiful and peaceful voice he has Al'Hamdulillāh. I can't put into words how beautiful this was, I pray that Allāh blesses you both for this.

Ruksar & Arshad (13.04.17)

I saw TheNikahCo. in action at a wedding in London. And wow- it was the first time I felt fully engaged in a Nikah ceremony! The spokesman was able to gain every individual's attention in the venue with their humour and unique style of conversing. During the du'a, every word was heard and understood. The recitation was clear and utterly breath taking. I didn't want it to end! This is what every wedding needs - to fulfil the importance and purpose of the Nikah ceremony.

A guest from Jenny & Fozlu's wedding (22.04.17)

I cannot express how beautiful the ceremony was, conducted by The Nikah Co. for my big sister's wedding. Truly it was a ceremony to remember and everyone loved it!! It's fantastic especially in the Bengali community where our guests were so used to listening to a local Imam conduct the Nikah in a non-intimate manner. I really think this sort of intimate tailor fit ceremony will now catch on in our community as it creates magical memories of ones completion of half their Deen. The ceremony was specially catered to my big sister and her husband to give it special meaning to them and it will always be a moment they look back on for years to come. I especially loved that part of the ceremony where brother Shabbir educated our guests on interracial marriages in Islam.  Everything was bliss. 

A guest from Ruksar & Arshad's wedding (13.04.17)