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London, United Kingdom

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Frequently Asked Questions
The Answers.

I've already had my Nikah done or I have someone else in mind for that. Can I still use your other services?

Yes! Absolutely. Just contact us if you're looking for any of our other services including hosting, tailor-made speeches and more.

How much are your packages?

We do have some fixed prices for some of our packages, however we try to tailor everything around you and your spouse, including our prices sometimes! Make an enquiry or contact us if you're interested in a package or service. 

My Nikah/Wedding is outside of London/the UK. Can I still choose TheNikahCo?

You most certainly can! Though additional costs will be added such as travel, we will try our utmost best to attend your big day no matter the location.

My Nikah will be done at my house. Does it have to be in a fancy venue?

Not at all! We are happy to conduct your Nikah in the comfort of your own home, in the serenity of a Masjid or in the elegance of a banqueting hall.

I have an all-sisters event or function. Can you cater for that?

If you're looking for a female to deliver a tailor-made speech or provide entertainment through a Nasheed performance for example, we can cater for you through our associates!